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Arena Schedule

Gardens Arena Closed for the summer. See you in the fall!!!!

Gardens will be closing March 20th!  Thank you for another great season!

Arena Policies

Please remember that the Olympic Arena lobby is a bag drop off only and not a bag storage.  We encourage to drop the bags off when your son or daughter will be skating that night but please try to avoid leaving it there for a long period of time.  The bags start to smell and it creates a tremendous amount of clutter.  This also stops the arena staff from being able to clean properly.  The arena will be open at 8am most mornings during the week to drop off bags.  One or two nights left at the arena is fine but the bag should be brought home to air out.

Scheduling program


WBV   (Warroad Boys Varsity)

WGV (Warroad Girls Varsity)

Goalie C (Goalie Clinic)

WBJV (Warroad Boys JV)

WGJV (Warroad Girls JV)

SP (Salt & Pepper)